Commercial Cleaning Perth

Perth is home to some of the biggest companies in Australia, thanks to our continuous mining efforts and the state government's initiatives to boost businesses investing in the region. With the ever increasing companies establishing in Perth, the number of companies that require regular cleaning services increase in Perth. The first impression of every building says a lot about the company and it is important to make the first impression count.

Here at Nexus Kleen, we work tirelessly to provide amazing commercial cleaning services to all commercial buildings, restaurants, gyms, etc throughout Perth. We try to be a total cleaning solution to all our clients by offering every cleaning service required as we want to always say "Yes" to our clients.

During the past few years,  the main reason we have had double growth rate is due to the fact that we have provided professional cleaning services to our commercial cleaning companies consistently. We are not perfect, but we have continuously put in place quality assurance steps to make sure that the commercial cleaning service received by our clients have been remarkable. If and when we have failed to carry out a commercial cleaning task to our client's satisfaction,  we return in less than 48 hours to fix the issue as we value our clients. Our growth has been mainly due to the fact that we have amazing commercial cleaners who work tirelessly to keep your commercial premises clean, our management that stands behind our cleaners guiding them to carry out the cleaning tasks properly, the training we provide to our cleaners and the consistent communication and quality control we setup at our client's commercial buildings.

 As a professional commercial cleaning company in Perth, we have the latest equipment which makes every job efficient and easy for our cleaners and in return we provide a quality commercial cleaning service that our clients deserve. We do understand that every cleaning task cannot be done efficiently by manual labour so we continuously invest in the latest equipment such as floor scrubbers, water fed window cleaning equipment, tile and grout cleaning machines, heavy duty pressure cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, etc. We are able to provide commercial cleaning services such as:

- Regular Commercial Cleaning Service

We work with many different commercial companies ranging from mining, finance, fitness, restaurants, wholesalers, builders, etc. With our extensive knowledge of working with various different commercial companies in Perth, we are able to provide a consistent commercial cleaning service that your company deserves. We carry out cleaning services at these commercial buildings in Perth on a daily basis, three times a week, weekly basis depending on the commercial cleaning budget of our clients.

- Commercial Window Cleaning

Our water-fed window cleaning system helps us to carry out the window cleaning up to 4 stories high. This has been a great addition to our commercial cleaning assets in Perth as we have been able to provide a quick solution to our clients which may end up costing them a lot more. Our experienced team of commercial window cleaners in Perth will keep your windows streak free and dust & dirt free which helps a lot to create that amazing first impression.

- Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning

Equipped with one of the best commercial carpet steam cleaning machine available in Perth, we are able to clean carpets and remove any type of stains. We are able to clean commercial buildings of 1000s of square meters in Perth without any problem as we have a great team of carpet cleaners who are experienced and are efficient at their job. 


- Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

When your tiles and grout look black, we can bring in our big guns to help to blast the dirt out of the tiles and get the tiles looking like new. Our commercial tile and grout cleaning machine can blast off grout with the strong pressure which helps to remove most dirt without any problem.

- Commercial Pressure Cleaning

With our strong Petrol Pressure Cleaning machines, we are able to clean any outdoor area without any problems. It makes a huge difference to have a machine with strong PSI that helps to blast off dirt from the floors and walls or any equipment.

- Commercial Strata Cleaning

We work with many different strata companies in order to provide regular strata cleaning for strata complex ranging from regular day to day service, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. 

With our extensive experience in providing Commercial Cleaning Services in Perth, we know that we will be the best choice for your regular commercial cleaning needs. If you are in doubt, please request a free trial to experience our regular commercial cleaning service before you commit to us as we believe in building a long term relationship. Hurry! Enquire below to setup an obligation free quote for your commercial cleaning needs.

Commercial Cleaning Pricing

$35+GST per hour

Why Companies Choose Us

  • $100 Discount or Gift Voucher For Signing Up With Us *minimum hours per week apply

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