Gym Cleaning

Gyms and fitness studios require a thorough cleaning as it is a place where hundreds of people workout together in a confined space and the sweat, humidity, etc creates an atmosphere which is a breeding ground for germs.

It is essential that the gyms are cleaned regularly and thoroughly to maintain the best level of cleanliness for gym users. An unclean gym will create an environment where a lot of gym members may fall sick which will create a bad reputation for your gym. It is always wise to take precautions to keep the gyms sanitised by setting up a regular cleaning schedule.

We work with some of the biggest gym brands in the Perth region and have the knowledge and experience to carry out a thorough and detailed cleaning of the gym according to your budget. We do understand that every gym has different budgets to work with and we communicate with our clients to get a better understanding of what their requirements are and work together to come up with a cleaning solution for their gyms.

Our gym clients do vary in their cleaning schedule from weekly, three times a week, five days a week or daily. We recommend that the gyms are cleaned at least three times a week as this will help us to keep the gym clean and sanitised more frequently. The more frequent the cleaning is, the cleaner the gym will be.

Our gym and fitness studio cleaning tasks include:

- Cobweb removal throughout the gym

- Dusting & wiping down all gym equipment from top to bottom using disinfectant

- Cleaning marks on the walls 

- Cleaning toilets & shower areas thoroughly

- Cleaning mirrors and glass to keep them streak free

- Vacuuming all floors and mopping them thoroughly

- Carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, pressure cleaning, etc as required.

So hurry, give us a call or drop us an enquiry below to get a commercial cleaning company that cares about your gym. We have a team of experienced, police cleared, insured cleaners ready to make a difference at your gym. 

Gym Cleaning Pricing

$35+GST per hour

Why Companies Choose Us

  • $100 Discount or Gift Voucher For Signing Up With Us *minimum hours per week apply

  • Public Liability Insured

  • Client Specific Availability

  • Private Feedback Page

  • Complimentary Initial Detail Cleaning

  • Complimentary Urinal Screens

  • Complimentary Toilet Bowl Sanitisers

  • Complimentary Sense & Spray Air Freshener

  • Periodic Inspection

  • Hourly Rate Discounts On Daily Cleaning Service