How to Start or Run A Successful Cleaning Business

Hi there, I am Max Shiyaz, founder of Nexus Kleen. This is our 4th year running a successful cleaning business that brought in $500k in revenue last year (2018) and I want to help you get there. You must be wondering why I want to help you. I have seen many people get screwed over by franchises promising great returns for their investment, but the franchisee (you) end up either not getting enough work or working for minimal pay which means that you are never able to grow the business. The main goal of any cleaning business should be for you to grow the business to a stage where you do not have to work in the business but work on the business. You should be overseeing all aspects of the cleaning rather than working day in day out. Don't get me wrong, it takes considerable effort to get there, but at the end of the day it is worth to work on your own business rather than help grow someone else's company.

The first two years of my cleaning business was terrible. I did not know how to get clients and was wondering how some companies managed to get so many clients. My only source of clients were from Gumtree (Local Search Directory) which was not consistent at all. And the clients I got from Gumtree was always looking for the cheapest cleaners which meant that I was continuously working for minimal pay. Most of the jobs I carried out for clients I got from Gumtree was for a loss. I was frustrated, depressed and nearly gave up on my cleaning business as I did not see anyway I could make a profit from the business. I put the cleaning as a side business and took a job as a courier to make ends meet. While I was working as a courier, I knew that there should be a way to get consistent clients. I would always watch Youtube videos and read articles on how to market my business online. Most of the videos and articles I watched provided vague answers such as advertise online, market on social media, etc which did not make much sense at all. But I knew that there should be a way to get clients and I continued watching videos and reading more articles. 

I created a website (the above screenshot of the website which was a lot different) and learned online marketing by watching videos on youtube everyday after work. I was reinvesting most of the money I got from the courier driving back into the cleaning business as I learned online marketing. I was wasting a lot of money on online marketing as I was learning the Google advertising through trial and error. I do not consider the marketing spend a waste but a learning experience which has helped me to scale my business. This was a pivotal point from which I started to get clients and I knew that I cracked the code on how so many other big companies were successful in getting regular clients. 


I did not quit the job at the courier until the income I was gaining from the cleaning business was greater than that of the courier. By the time I quit the job at the courier, I had few cleaners working for me, who were carrying out the cleaning services we offered such as window cleaning, commercial cleaning & office cleaning, etc. It was not an easy move to quit the courier job but it had to be done if I wanted to be successful. I knew that my business will never be successful if I was not putting all my effort to the business. 

Last year we did $500,000 in revenue which was an amazing year for us. We now have over 10 cleaners that I provide consistent work, which is the best part of running the business and we continue to grow every single month. I want to help you get there. I have gone through all the struggles, mistakes, invested heavily on advertising and wasted a lot of money learning online advertising which means that I know all the problems and struggles that you will go through as you start. I have had sleepless nights wondering how to make this business a success. I have blamed everything from the economy going down, unemployment, people only hire big cleaning companies, etc which were all lies that I was telling myself to feel better for my failure. But as I was persistent and as I did not give up, I learned everything to get the cleaning business from $0-$500k in revenue.

How am I going to help you?

- I will help you get the basics setup from ABN registration, business name registration, insurances, etc

- I will help setup an accounting software that helps you keep track of all your income, expenses, invoicing, profit & loss statement, etc

- I will help you rebrand the business

- I will create a professional website for your business

- I will help you market your business online & provide regular data analytics to help you understand the cost per lead, advertisement expenditure, etc

- I will create content such as blog articles to help you rank better in Google

- I will manage your Instagram & Facebook pages by updating content regularly to help you be visible on the platforms.

- I will be available for you everyday to answer all your questions on email, phone, online chat, etc

Your Investment

$2500 per month of which $1000 will be used as advertising expenditure. I will show you the $1000 ad spend on Google every month so that you know that the money goes into advertising and not into my pocket.


I know this is a bold statement but I guarantee that you will receive clients from the first week of setting up the website & advertising or else I will pay you back the money you have invested in me. And your investment payment is on a monthly basis so that means that if for any reason you are unhappy with my service, which I highly doubt, you can cancel my service, as I am not locking you in a contract.


Feel free to ask as many questions as you want because I know you have your doubts. I am available everyday to answer all your questions until you can fully trust me with your initial investment. I look forward to being your consultant as you grow your company.



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