Window Cleaning Melbourne

We offer one of the most affordable fixed price Window Cleaning Service in Melbourne. There are no hidden costs when you book our window cleaning service.

Single Storey House : 

$220 Up to 4Bed/2Bath House

$250 More than 4bed/2bath House

Double Storey House : 

$320 Up to 4Bed/2Bath House

$360+ More than 4bed/2bath House

After Builders Window Cleaning : 

$40 per hour


Office Window Cleaning : 

$10 Per Glass Frame

At the above rates, we clean both inside and outside the windows including vacuuming tracks, wiping sills and cleaning fly screens.

We are loved throughout the Melbourne region for the quality Window Cleaning Service we provide.

So Hurry! Fill the Contact Form below or give us a Call on 1300450448 or 0414633386 to book our quality service. If your window cleaning requirements are different from the fixed priced cleaning services mentioned above, please contact us and we will be able to provide a quote instantly.

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